2015 Practice Changers

2015 Practice Changers


We invite you to present your practice innovations at the 2015 Annual Meeting in the dynamic and interactive Practice Changers format.


Guidelines for Practice Changers Proposals


  1. Presenters MUST be physicians or scientists who are registered for the Annual Meeting.
  2. Presentations should be based upon content and have no real or perceived conflict of interest, financial or otherwise.  These cannot be “infomercials”.
  3. Successful proposals will contain information that is of potential interest to some segment of the practicing pathology community, but is not otherwise available within the current scope of the Annual Meeting program and curriculum as deemed by the EVP, Chair of the Education Committee and committee of reviewers. Topics must be related to the practice of anatomic or molecular pathology and be in keeping with the broadly defined mission of the USCAP.
  4. Presentations should be 15-20 minutes in length. 
  5. PowerPoint presentations will be accommodated within the designated spaces, but a more casual format is encouraged.
  6. Proposals should come to Annette Dixon in the Augusta Office and must be received by 10/31/2014.
  7. Proposals will be forwarded to Dr. Laura Lamps, Chair of the Education Committee, and final decisions will be rendered by a selected group of reviewers.  Final decisions will be rendered prior to 12/1/14 for inclusion in the 2015 Annual Meeting.  All presentations are accepted for one session only and do not carry an implied acceptance for subsequent meetings.
  8. The Education Committee will review the presentations at the Annual Meeting, evaluating them for interest level, relevance to the Academy mission, educational value and overall success.




  • Team–based learning techniques in pathology
  • Maintenance of Certification issues and the ABP
  • Seed Global Health Initiatives for Pathologists




Laura Lamps

Brad Quade

Rhonda Yantiss

Rob Soslow

Shree Sharma


Proposal Requirements:


Click here to download the proposal form.


  • Presenter(s) name, affiliation, and full contact information
  • Presentation Title
  • Outline (including a short description—1–2 sentences, topics covered, material presented, and time allotment)
  • Is there any other pertinent information that you wish to include relating to your expertise in the proposed topic or to your experience in general?
  • Disclosure (This will be an electronic process.  Additional details will be forwarded at a later date.)


Proposal Deadlines:


October 31, 2014:

All proposals should be delivered to Annette Dixon (annette@uscap.org)


December 1, 2014

Final decisions for inclusion in the 2015 Annual Meeting will be rendered by this date.


Presentation Dates:


Up to 24 Practice Changers sessions will be available over a three day period, eight each day. Each session will be held in the exhibit hall. Four Practice Changers sessions will be given during the morning coffee break and four during the afternoon coffee break. The sessions will be Monday, March 23 - Wednesday, March 25, 2015.