USCAP Honors

Board’s Distinguished Pathologist Award
2016Thomas V. Colby
2015Sharon W. Weiss
2014Henry D. Appelman
2013Krishnan Unni
2012Steven G. Silverberg
2011Stephen S. Sternberg
2010Juan Rosai
2009Louis P. Dehner
2008Bernard M. Wagner
2008Nathan Kaufman
2007Peter Burger
2006Harvey Goldman
2005Robert D. Collins
2005J. Bruce Beckwith
2004Kalman Kovacs
2004Daria Haust
2003Richard L. Kempson
2002Robert Heptinstall
2002William Hartmann
2001Leopold Koss
2001Margaret Billingham
2000John H. Yardley
1999David C. Dahlin
1998Robert E. Scully
1997Elson B. Helwig
1996Raffaele Lattes
1995Henry Rappaport
1994Franz Enzinger
1993Wallace H. Clark
1992Emmanuel Farber
1991Stanley L. Robbins
1990Arthur T. Hertig
1989Earl P. Benditt
1988Hans Popper

The Board’s Distinguished Pathologist Award was established by the Board of Directors of USCAP for recognition of distinguished service in the development of the discipline of pathology. This award is presented to an individual who is recognized for making major contributions to pathology over the years.

These candidates are proposed by the Executive Committee and the Awardee is selected by the Board of Directors at the Interim Meeting for presentation at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

Most-Recent Awardee

Thomas V. Colby, M.D.

Dr. Colby was born in Massachusetts and educated at Tulane University, Stanford University, and the University of Michigan, receiving his M.D. in 1974. He did his residency and a stint on faculty at Stanford University Medical Center as assistant professor until 1983. He then moved to the University of Utah where he was associate professor and the director of surgical pathology for three and a half years before relocating to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN in 1986. He has been a professor of pathology since 1989. In 1993 he moved to Mayo Clinic in Arizona. In 2007 he was named the Geraldine C. Zeiler Professor of Cytopathology, and as a result of the monies from this professorship over 50 "Zeiler Fellows" from around the world have come to Mayo Arizona to learn pulmonary pathology and/ or cytopathology.

Dr. Colby developed an interest in pulmonary pathology while working with Dr. Charles Carrington at Stanford University. Dr. Carrington was one of Dr. Averill Liebow's star pupils in lung pathology. Dr. Colby inherited Dr. Carrington's teaching collection and has added considerably to it. It now comprises some 20,000 cases of lung pathology specimens available for study and review at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Over 200 individuals from all corners of the earth have come to review this collection.

Dr. Colby maintains an active consultation practice in concert with Drs. H.D. Tazelaar, M.L. Smith, and K.O. Leslie and among them they see some 5,000 lung pathology consultations per year.

Dr. Colby has lectured widely since 1979 and has over 420 peer­reviewed publications.


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