USCAP Honors

The Harvey Goldman Master Teacher Award
2016Linda Ferrell
2015Victor E. Reuter
2014Christopher D.M. Fletcher
2013Sharon K. Weiss
2012Virginia LiVolsi
2011Henry Appelman
2011Donald A. Antonioli

The Harvey Goldman Master Teacher Award was established in 2011 as a tribute to honor a dedicated, longstanding educator and mentor, Dr. Harvey Goldman. This award recognizes Dr. Goldman’s seminal contributions to the USCAP’s postgraduate educational and mentoring activities. The first awardees, Drs. Donald Antonioli and Henry Appleman were acknowledged in 2011 at the 100th Annual Centennial Meeting of USCAP in San Antonio, Texas.

The award is supported by a dedicated fund ($50,000) from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA (Dr. Jeffrey Saffitz, Chair; Dr. Stuart Schnitt, Director of Anatomic Pathology) and by a USCAP fund ($50,000) designated by the Board of Directors. This core fund ($100,000) shall remain untouched, and the interest will generate income to support the plaque and monetary award. The Academy shall administer the endowment, manage the investment of the funds, implement appropriate fund-raising activities and communicate with members of the Award Committee. The associated administrative costs for maintaining the endowment and selecting the award recipients will be the responsibility of the Academy. This will be an annual award presented at the awards program of the USCAP Annual Meeting.

Most-Recent Awardee

Linda Ferrell, M.D.

Dr. Ferrell was raised in a small town in Kansas (Valley Falls), and pursued her interests in the sciences by attending the University of Kansas. She trained in pathology at both the University of Kansas and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). She joined the faculty at UCSF in 1981, and under the leadership of the chair there, Dr. Edward Smuckler, was offered the special opportunity to spend three months of liver pathology training under the mentorship and guidance of Professor Roderick MacSween (Glasgow, Scotland) and Professor Peter Scheuer (Royal Free Hospital, London, UK) in her first year as junior faculty. From 2000 to mid-2015, she worked closely with Dr. Abul Abbas, Chair of Pathology at UCSF, in her role as Vice Chair and Director of Surgical Pathology, and thanks to his strong support, together they built a strong academic surgical pathology program at UCSF. She held the title of Distinguished Professor in Anatomic Pathology (Endowed Chair) for the last few years, and now is working as Emerita Professor on recall from retirement. She also has served as Director of the Surgical Pathology Fellowship and the Liver/GI Pathology Fellowship at UCSF. She has been honored with teaching awards given by the medical students and residents at UCSF, and she has chaired two major educational courses for pathologists for multiple years, including the UCSF and the California Society of Pathologists annual courses.

She has been invited to lecture at numerous U.S. and international meetings. She has contributed to over 200 papers published in peer-reviewed journals, and has written numerous chapters on liver pathology in major surgical pathology textbooks. She is one of the founding members of the International Liver Pathology Study Group (also known as the Elves), and is a member of the Laennec Society. She is one of the three co-editors for the 5th and 6th Editions of the MacSween's Pathology of the Liver textbook, and co-editor of Liver Pathology, in the Consultant Pathology Series (Demos Pub I ishers), which emphasizes difficult diagnostic problems in liver pathology. She has also served as President of the Hans Popper Hepatopathology Society. Her academic interests include emphasis in the areas of liver tumors, particularly hepatic tumors (such as adenomas, focal nodular hyperplasia, dysplastic nodules, and hepatocellular carcinoma), fatty liver disease, and viral hepatitis, and she has a special interest in putting together groups of pathologists to collaborate on the descriptions of rare and unusual entities.

Dr. Ferrell has been recognized in many venues as an educator and a scholar, but she credits her involvement with the dedicated staff and faculty she has come to know well through USCAP as playing a highly significant role in her professional development throughout her career. Through the years, she has been involved with USCAP through presentations, teaching (short courses and long course chair), moderating sessions, and committee/leadership, including Abstract Review Committee, Education Committee, USCAP Council, Membership Committee Chair, and Executive Committee. She has just completed her term as President and as a Past President, has also been part of strategic planning for the future of USCAP. She would like to thank all those who have helped make USCAP such a successful educational organization for our pathology community. She received the prestigious F.K. Mostofi Distinguished Service Award in 2015.

On a personal note, Dr. Ferrell also thanks her husband, Rick Tombari, for his support th rough their 25 years together. She also likes to golf, and is a SF Giants and Golden State Warriors fan (so she is still celebrating multiple World Series championships and the 2015 NBA basketball championship).


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