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How joining the USCAP benefits Pathologists in...





The USCAP is one of the oldest pathology associations in North America, as a member you’ll join a dedicated international group of pathologist-scientists who, through their ideas and discoveries, expand pathology’s boundaries.


As a USCAP member you can:

  • Interact with over 10,000 global pathologist members. We are the largest of the International Academy of Pathology's (IAP’s) 54 worldwide divisions. All USCAP members automatically become members of the IAP
  • Participate in our 5 meetings with ACCME accredited courses that are held throughout North America each year. The USCAP co-sponsors 29 Companion Societies representing major subspecialties in pathology at our Annual Meeting, the world’s largest pathology meeting
  • Elevate your knowledge of pathology to a new level with our online educational activities at a reduced cost. Choose from a variety of courses in our eLibrary taught by international leaders in the field
  • Utilize the USCAP’s MyPaththousands of cutting-edge scientific abstracts submitted by leading, global investigators or the NIH’s PubMed library
  • Qualify to receive one of over twenty-four prestigious awards that are available for Junior Members/pathologists in training
  • Browse our two major scientific pathology journals Modern Pathology and Laboratory Investigation. Both are published by Nature Publishing Group available online or in print, and are among the very top journals in the field
  • Participate in setting the direction of the USCAP by serving on a USCAP Committee
  • Receive discounts on all of the USCAP’s activities and resources: meetings, online training, journals, and more!


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