Evaluation Instructions



Instructions for completing the 2014 Annual Meeting
Evaluations and obtaining credits

Step #1: Evaluate all individual sessions for which you intend to claim CME/SAMs credit. NOTE: If you start an evaluation, please finish and click on the Complete your responses button. Incomplete evaluations will not be saved.
Step #1 links you to each session, by day, that you attended and the evaluation for which you want credit. Complete the session evaluation(s). Note that required questions are followed by a red asterisk and must be answered to receive credit. Click Next Page to continue the evaluation until completed. There will be an opportunity to review all of your responses once you have completed the evaluation. Once reviewed, click on Complete your responses button. You will be returned to the screen that lists all of your sessions for evaluation. Note that a green Complete box appears next to each completed evaluation. Should you not see the green Complete box next to an evaluation, it means that required questions were not answered. Return to the session evaluation, complete all of the required questions, and click on the Complete your responses button. The green Complete box will appear.
After successfully completing the individual session evaluation(s), please complete the overall annual meeting evaluation by clicking “Return to Main Menu” and then clicking on the link in Step #2.
Step #2: Enter your overall annual meeting evaluation. Incomplete evaluations will not be saved.
Having completed the overall Annual Meeting Evaluation you will then have access to:
Step #3: Take SAMs tests for eligible educational offerings.
Take the SAMs test, should it be available. If the test is not available, we are currently in the process of collecting, validating, and constructing SAMs questions and tests and will post these as soon as they are available. Please check back at any time or contact the USCAP to determine when these questions may be available. If you must return to complete any SAMs you will be able to transmit those to your portfolio and print them at this time.
Step #4: Print and submit your CME/SAMs certificate. If you have evaluated platform sessions, you must type in the actual number of hours spent in each session prior to transmitting. Once completed, you may click on the link to submit and/or print your CME/SAMs certificate. If you have any questions or problems, please email the USCAP help desk.
The Step #4 link takes you to a page that:
  1. Displays your credits for each evaluation completed
  2. Enables you to enter the hours that you attended in each platform session for which you have registered.
  3. Transmits your credits for a system record
  4. Prints a certificate with your full name entered as an Electronic Signature in three boxes (if claiming CME and SAMs or in two boxes if claiming CME only) as seen in this example:

Evaluation page screen sample

Click on the "Transmit to Member Portfolio" button.

The Print CME/SAMs certificate shows only after you have clicked the Transmit to Member Portfolio button.
MEMBERS: You must click "Transmit to Member Portfolio" in order to have your CME/SAMs credits stored in your transcript, which is maintained in your Member Portfolio. If you do not transmit your credits they will not be stored for future retrieval.

NON-MEMBERS: You will need to click on "Transmit to Member Portfolio" first for a system record even though you are not a member yet (we will store transmitted credits for you until you become a member, at which time you will be able to access the credits online through your member portfolio). You may then print and keep a CME/SAMs certificate as documentation for your records.

After following all of the steps above, you have completed, stored, and printed your CME/SAMs credits. If you are not a member and would like to retrieve this information at anytime, please click this link to become a USCAP member today.
ACCME Deadline for credit claims:
The online evaluations/CME/SAMs claim process will only be available on the USCAP website until September 30, 2014.
No claims can be processed after this date. After September 30, 2014 you will NOT be able to obtain any CME/SAMs credits for attending the 2014 USCAP Annual Meeting.