Greetings USCAP Members and Colleagues!

This is a busy time for the Academy now in preparation for the Annual Meeting in Baltimore, March 2-8, 2013 and with the upcoming Diagnostic Cytopathology Course on Jan 19-23 in New Orleans (see below for more information about Diagnostic Cytopathology). You can register for both of these courses at or by clicking on the links above. For the Annual Meeting, our USCAP website has all the complete program details as well as a meeting planner. There are plenty of great educational programs to look forward to in Baltimore, and don't forget that the USCAP website offers you a way to track your CME/SAM credits.

One of the other newer components of our Annual Meeting is that of our special Resident/Trainee events, including the sold-out special course on Saturday, March 2 on the topic of "Leadership, Collaboration and Change in Health Care: A Residents Workshop for Essential Skills" (see section below, Resident's Corner). We will also continue with our special Housestaff Hospitality Room on Monday and Tuesday (March 4 and 5) with breakfast, lunch and snacks provided for those who stop in, so we encourage all of our junior members to please check out our website for more details on these activities. In particular, note our website's special link, "Just for Residents", where you can find an overview of the meeting events that should help all junior members and others who are attending the Annual Meeting for the first time to "navigate" the myriad of events more successfully.

The Academy continues working for you to provide the best in pathology educational programs and we hope you will take advantage of our offerings.


Linda Ferrell, M.D.
Distinguished Professor in Anatomic Pathology, Vice Chair
Director of Surgical Pathology, Department of Pathology,
University of California, San Francisco
President, USCAP


Happy New Year!

I am excited about our upcoming events. Depending upon when you receive this, there may still be time for you to register for and to attend the Diagnostic Cytopathology Course in New Orleans January 19-21. It promises to be a terrific course with many new speakers and a spectacular venue (though we can't take credit for the quality of the surrounding restaurants!).

Of course, the Annual Meeting comes up quickly thereafter. This year, it is in Baltimore's Inner Harbor from March 2-8. There are many planned highlights to mention, but I will simply allow that this year's Maude Abbott lecturer is Dr. Victor Reuter from Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, a person well-known to our membership as a Past-President and world's authority in Genitourinary Pathology. Dr. Christopher Crum will deliver this year's Nathan Kaufman Timely Topics. He, too, is a Past-President of the Academy and an internationally known expert in Gynecologic Pathology. These are certain to be state-of-the art lectures to be delivered by terrific speakers. The meeting will have its usual plethora of Short Courses, what appears to be a terrific Long Course on Soft Tissue Tumors that will be directed by Drs. Chris Fletcher and Cristina Antonescu, a wide range of unique courses, Specialty Conferences and Companion Meetings. We are continually expanding our list of courses and activities directed towards our pathologists-in-training and will also have scattered social activities designed to enhance your enjoyment during the week. In sum, it promises to be another terrific meeting under the leadership of our President, Dr. Linda Ferrell!

I am pleased to announce that our first, jointly-sponsored meeting with the Hong Kong Division of the IAP was a great success. The meeting, held January 4 + 5, 2013 in Hong Kong, was attended by over 130 pathologists. I am hopeful that this will pave the way for future collaborative efforts.

Finally, don't forget to cast your ballot for our new slate of members to join our governing Council.  Obviously these are important positions that serve to oversee the direction of our fantastic academy.  It is vital that we select those members who will take this responsibility most seriously and who will best serve the future of the USCAP.  Thanks so very much and see you soon, I hope!


Bruce Smoller, M.D.
Executive Vice President


With the Diagnostic Cytopathology Course right around the corner, we decided to check in with the Course's Director, Dr. Celeste N. Powers, M.D., PhD.   This is Dr. Powers' final year of guiding this very successful USCAP educational event and we wanted to know what drives the course as well as the all-important "What do you enjoy most about New Orleans?".

USCAP:  What were the goals for creating the course?

Dr. Powers:  Interest in cytopathology at USCAP meetings was increasing significantly. The USCAP Leadership made  the decision to use cytopathology as a model for a new venture: to offer an educational course at a different time and location from the annual meeting. This course would be a practical approach to challenging issues for practicing pathologists in academics and especially private practice.

USCAP:  How has the course changed this year?

Dr. Powers: The most important change:  we have several new faculty with fresh perspectives  who are tackling the challenging areas  currently posed in cytopathology. Over the next year or two look for the new Director, Dr. Kristen A. Atkins, to bring her ideas and vision to the next iteration of Diagnostic Cytopathology.

USCAP: What tips do you have for attendees preparing for the course?

Dr. Powers: The atmosphere of the course is informal, so they should come with any questions or issues that they might have related to their practice. Typically  their questions and concerns are shared by many and thus everyone can benefit from the discussion.   The faculty are always happy to discuss anything one on one or in a Q&A session.

USCAP: What do attendees walk away with?

Dr. Powers: From previous years, I think the attendees are surprised at the breadth and depth of information we convey in a relatively short time. Participants also have had many of their questions answered and have new approaches to handling diagnostic, technical and procedural issues. At the breaks and reception, the participants also compare notes with other attendees and faculty  such that they also contribute to the educational experience.

USCAP: What do you enjoy most about New Orleans?
Dr. Powers: Without a doubt it is enjoying the architecture of the beautiful French Quarter on the way to a fabulous meal, or maybe the incredible sounds emanating from the many music venues.  It's a tough choice, and if I have the opportunity, I will make it all three!




It's Membership Renewal Time!

It's time to renew your USCAP membership for the coming year. Please click here to renew your membership today to continue all of your member benefits. Please note that beginning in 2013, Nature Publishing will not send hard copies for back-issue fulfillment. Instead, Nature will develop an electronic version of the Journals. If you value your printed "Modern Pathology" or "Laboratory Investigation" USCAP Journals, you'll certainly want to renew your subscription today!

Again, thank you for your continued support.


It's Time to Vote for New Council Members

The Nominating Committee of the USCAP has provided a slate of five candidates to fill the three Council positions that will become vacant on April 1, 2013. As a member of the Academy you constitute the electorate for Council, which is the Committee that provides governance.  Be an active contributor to the policies of this essential educational institution and cast your ballot today. 

Candidates for Council are chosen because they have an active involvement with the Academy, as evidenced by their contributions to its programs. In addition, the Academy wishes to maintain a balanced geographic representation on Council.

THE DEADLINE FOR VOTING IS FEBRUARY 19th.  This will provide you with four weeks to consider the nominations and vote for your three candidates. The results will be announced at the Business Meeting, Tuesday, March 5, 2013 during the 102nd USCAP Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland.

For those who may have missed the January 2nd email listing the distinguished nominees and their backgrounds, you can find the list of nominees, as well as vote for up to three candidates, by clicking here



Greetings Residents and Fellows!

We are especially glad that you have chosen to participate in the 102nd USCAP Annual Meeting.

There are an incredible number of opportunities available to you. On the education front, I hope that you are one of the many that have registered for the sold out Resident Workshop,"Leadership, Collaboration & Change in Healthcare: A Resident's Workshop in Essential Skills". If you hurry, the Special Course, "Careers in Investigative Pathology: The Next Generation", and the Housestaff Specialty Conference, "Boards Preparation: How and What to Study", still have a few seats left. All of these sessions are led by world-class instructors, so don't miss them! Speaking of world-class, be sure to attend the Maude Abbott and Nathan Kaufman Timely Topics Lectures - you won't find more timely information anywhere!

Looking for a Fellowship? Visit the Fellowship Fair where 39 organizations are offering fellowships this year. To help you organize your search we've created charts of the institutions and their fellowship offerings; find these in the Program Book or in front of the Fair's meeting room.

Collaboration opportunities abound at our two Residents Receptions, while the Housestaff Hospitality Room is a great place to grab breakfast, lunch or a snack. Of course the USCAP Reception, "Party for a Passion", is THE place to meet all of the meeting's attendees, while the Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony will clue you in on the USCAP's annual initiatives and the individuals who are leading our profession.

Now that you are chock-full of new knowledge, apply it to current technology by chatting with the Exhibitors in the Exhibition Hall. From software to services to equipment, you have a one-stop shop of experts awaiting the opportunity to explain how their company can support your professional development.

Finally, make sure that you review our annual presentation of Posters and Proffered Papers. You'll find a wealth of cutting edge information generated by your peers.

So, welcome! There's a world of activities awaiting you at the 2013 USCAP Annual Meeting.


Dr. Laura C. Collins
Resident Advisory Committee Chair
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) has launched a fun and light-hearted social media campaign to encourage viewers to imagine a "World Without Pathologists". The campaign, which is the first of its kind in the pathology arena, aims to harness the power of social media to generate discussion and raise awareness of the critical role that pathology plays in everyone's lives. The online videos and interactive games, show a doctor trying to help patients in a world where pathologists do not exist. Three videos have been launched on the RCPA website, YouTube and Vimeo, and include additional interactive component. Visit the website to find out more.


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am pleased to report that the USCAP Foundation had a very productive and positive 4th quarter 2012, and here are a few highlights.

The Foundation Board met in Chicago last September to strategically set the course for 2013 and had what we believe was a productive one day meeting. We will meet again next fall to evaluate our progress and determine future strategies. Thanks to Tarik Elsheikh for chairing this important effort in his role as Chair-Elect for the USCAP Foundation. Tarik will assume the role as Chair of the Foundation Board after the March 2013 Annual Meeting, and will do an outstanding job.

In October, our Foundation Board launched a $75,000 annual fund campaign to include raising the first $25,000 among our board before reaching out to others.   We surpassed this goal by raising $25,974 from our committee of volunteers.  We then reached out to the USCAP leadership and family to support the final $50,000 by considering leadership gifts at the President's Cornerstone gift level of $1,000 and above....and reached our goal by raising $50,089.  Thank you to each of you who responded to our call to support.  Together we raised a total of $76,063 for the benefit of our Academy and to support those in the field of pathology who need us.

As part of the fall campaign, and for the first time ever, the USCAP Staff launched an Employee Gifts Campaign and raised $2,520 from 7 participating employees for the USCAP Foundation.  An outstanding show of support starting "at home"!  Please look for their "ribbons" at the March meeting and thank them personally. 

Thank YOU to the many that supported.  To those who did not have the chance, it's never too late!  Kick off the New Year with a donation to the USCAP Foundation!

All donors are important, but at times some step out to do more. I would like to publicly thank NephroPathology Labs and Dr Patrick Walker who has contributed and pledged support to the MyPath Specialty Atlas Program. The specifics are still in the works but to know that the USCAP has funds for the first dermatopathology atlas, and potentially a second, allows the progress to proceed. Thank you, NephroPath!

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, we are making progress in establishing our USCAP Foundation in Canada in order to offer our Canadian friends similar tax benefits that our American donors already benefit from. Currently, the USCAP has 760 Canadian members, of which 37 are very generous donors gifting more than $57,000 to date for the benefit of the USCAP Foundation despite receiving no tax benefits from making these donations. With the approval of the USCAP Council, we have contracted with Bull, Housser & Tupper, a Canadian law firm with a non-profit specialty, who are taking steps now to incorporate and then register the USCAP Foundation as a charitable non-profit. We will keep you posted on this progress, but hope to have this process complete well before the 2013 year end. Great thanks to Dr. David Hardwick who has been a tireless advocate for ensuring that this important effort comes to fruition.

I wish I could share with you the individual and very personal comments that accompany many of the gifts gratefully received by the Foundation. Donors share sentiments of professional support and growth, friendship, gratitude and display the extraordinary characteristic of helping others.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the USCAP Foundation and for your ongoing dedication this New Year!

Very sincerely,

Jonathan Epstein, MD
Johns Hopkins Hospital


...Lauren Stuart MD, MBA  of the Emory University School of Medicine.  Lauren was the first to respond correctly to the clue:  The number of courses found in all 25 categories of eLearning within the USCAP's eAcademy.

Her answer - or rather her question - since this is Jeopardy!: "What is 84?"
For those of you who waited for that second cup of coffee before responding, be sure to check out the 84 eLearning opportunities within the USCAP's eAcademy. These courses have been designed and taught by the best in pathology. Being ACCME accredited, our courses provide a single source for your MOC credentialing. Remember - when a member earns a CME or SAM credit from a USCAP educational offering, the USCAP assists members MOC efforts by:

  1. Enabling the member to immediately print a certificate after completing evaluations - as well as transmitting that credit to their Member CME Portfolio.

  2. The record is then stored in their Member CME Portfolio for safe-keeping until further reporting is needed.

  3. USCAP sends official reporting of CME and SAM accreditations to the American Board of Pathology at appropriate intervals for each member unless the member "opts out" of this service.

Please join us in congratulating Lauren who, as winner of the USCAP's Jeopardy! contest, will enjoy a free short course at our Annual Meeting in Baltimore, this March.