Proposed Article VI




SECTION 1 – Nominating Committee


There shall be a Nominating Committee, consisting of the three (3) immediate Past-Presidents and two members appointed by the Board from the USCAP membership, each to serve two-year staggered terms. The immediate Past-President of the USCAP shall be the Chair.  If any of these individuals cannot serve, the Board may appoint a replacement. 


The Nominating Committee may solicit the entire membership for the names of persons who might be qualified and interested in serving in elected positions, but this action is not required.  No matter how the names of potential Board members are selected, the Nominating Committee will formulate a slate of names which will be approved by the full Board. 


SECTION 2 - Committees and Advisory Councils


The Board may from time to time appoint such permanent and temporary committees, to include one or more members of the Board and other members of the USCAP, as are necessary or desirable for the proper administration of the USCAP’s affairs or may facilitate the accomplishment or furtherance of the USCAP’s goals, objectives or purposes.  These committees will not have the power to expend funds of the organization or make policy except as directed and approved by the Board or Executive Committee.  Budgets for their operation must be approved by the President, the Treasurer, the Executive Vice-President or other officer or staff person given such authority by the Board.  Similarly, committees of the Board may recommend but not enact policy for the organization.


The Board may from time to time appoint such permanent and temporary Advisory Councils, which may not include Board members. 


Committee and Advisory Council Chairs and members are appointed to and removed from these positions by majority vote of the Board.