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The infrastructure of giving is empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is intuitive and instinctive, sometimes obscured by alternative priorities. It can be exposed and revived, cultivated and invigorated, and perhaps it can be taught. Empathy is the human trait essential to consciousness about global health, and it is integral to the impulse to give.

When an individual with means vicariously experiences the deprivation of others, pathways are triggered that open hearts and pockets, like emotional catalysts. USCAP is acutely aware that there are differences (in resources) which compete with the unity of pathology as a driving, pivotal discipline for achieving global health. A pathologist in Boston has different resources from a colleague in Ghana. How can practices be equivalent without the educational assets needed for practice change, and how can current knowledge in anatomic and molecular/genomic pathology be extended to areas where they don’t exist, but where there are compelling human needs? Philanthropy is the reconciling force. Financial gifts create educational opportunities to effect practice change as the key to raising standards, satisfying needs. This is a slow process, a passage with obstacles, but conscious generosity can save a life, gift by gift.

The USCAP Foundation was created in 2009, and the independent USCAP Canada Foundation in 2014 to enable Canadians to make tax-deductible contributions. The rebranding process that now characterizes the Academy introduced a logo identity and tag line for the USCAP Foundation, including global health through philanthropy to coincide with the strategic initiative of global health through education.

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In support of the Academy’s mission and strategic plan, the Foundation’s priorities are directed to:

  • Creating Innovative Education for All Pathologists

Financial support for scalpel-edge education and translational research, encouraging peer exchange and digital learning platforms.

  • Building Global Knowledge

Financial underwriting of global outreach programs to educate pathologists in underserved countries.

  • Strengthening the Future of Pathology

Financing the discipline of pathology as a viable, competitive, contributory specialty that places pathologists in pivotal roles on the health care team.

  • A Continuum of Giving

Funds raised by the Foundation are used for diverse initiatives from supporting pathology education in underserved countries to advancing diagnostic interpretative excellence by applying technology and contemporary learning modalities.

The Foundation is grateful for gifts at any level. We are gratified that so many of our members have entrusted us with their donations. Please consider a gift to one of the programs to help us build a better pathology community. Charitable contributions to the Foundation have unlimited impact and may be designated to the general fund where unrestricted flexibility allows your dollars to have impact in areas of greatest need.

The Programs

  • USCAP’s Interactive Learning Center

The principal focus of fundraising is this unique interactive learning center in Palm Springs, California, for teaching interactive microscopy, ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsies and new methodologies, with a planned broadcast studio and conference theater poised to deliver high content programs to low-resource countries. Donors will be recognized according to tiered values by plaques on a donor wall.

  • Global Partners Campaign

Each year USCAP Foundation provides travel grants to pathologists from low-resource countries to benefit from the panorama of courses scheduled for the Annual Meeting and to connect with colleagues and mentors. Your gift directly funds travel, hotel and registration fees.

Global Partners Travel Award Application

  • Mentoring Clerkships Program

USCAP Foundation will partner with prestigious teaching institutions to give selected pathologists from under-served countries the opportunity for immersive learning with their faculties. Following the Annual Meeting select pathologists will have 2-4 weeks at our partner institutions to study with their mentors.

  • Pathologists-In-Training Travel Scholarships

Fifteen trainees will attend the 2017 Annual Meeting in San Antonio with the benefit of a $1,000 grant to offset travel costs. The eligibility rules and application are reflected below:

Pathologist-in-Training Travel Award Application

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