F. B. Mallory

Frank Burr Mallory


Born: 12 November 1862, Cleveland, Ohio

Died: 27 September 1941, New York

Academic Degrees

  • AB: Harvard College, Boston, Massachusetts, 1886
  • MD and AM: Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, 1890

Academic Positions

  • 1891 - 1895 Assistant to the Pathologist, Boston City Hospital under W.T. Councilman; (subsequently trained with Hans Chiaria in Prague, and Ernst Ziegler in Freiburg)
  • 1891 - 1892 Assistant in Histology, Harvard Medical School
  • 1892 - 1932 Assistant then Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass
  • 1895 - 1932 First Assistant Pathologist then Assistant Visiting Pathologist, First Assistant Visiting Pathologist and Pathologist to the Hospital, Boston City Hospital

Selected Career Highlights

  • Wide field of publications including "sacrococcygeal dimples, sinuses and cysts" and typhoid, diphtheria, pertussis, scarlet fever, measles, infectious lesions of the blood vessels and the classification of nephritis.

  • Principal interests reflected in a series of papers on improvements in histological techniques. Particular attention was given to collagen, neuroglia, myoglia and elastica. His studies in histological methods revolutionized the crude procedures in vogue, especially in the American labs, and gave a new impetus to the exact study and classification of tumors. A collection of papers from 1902-1920 dealt with special new histological methods to study tumors with special reference to the embryological origin of each type of cell entering into new growth, and the differentiation that each type undergoes.

  • Author (with James Homer Wright) of Pathological Technique: A practical manual for workers in pathological anatomic and bacteriology: including directions for the performance of autopsies and for clinical diagnosis by laboratory methods (1987; 8th edition 1924) (This book was pre-eminent in the English speaking world and a major force in improving staining techniques and stain standardization).

  • Author of The Principles of Pathological Histology (1914).

  • His insistence on adequate illustrations in his papers help lift the level of American medical illustration to its high point.

  • Editor in chief of Journal of Medical Research (later changed to American Journal of Pathology).

  • His attention tended to focus itself more and more on diseases of the liver.

  • Many association eponyms: Stains (at least 6), bodies (at least 3), forms of cirrhosis, a major institute of pathology.

  • Father of G. Kenneth Mallory and Tracy Burr Mallory.

  • "I never found that arguing did much good. If my facts were not convincing, I went to work to find others which were." (Advice to a colleague engaged in a scientific argument).

  • Taught and graduated a huge list of "who's who" in Pathology (including Burt Wolbach, Shields Warren, Fred Stewart).


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