Jeffrey L. Myers

Jeffrey L. Myers



Dr. Jeffrey Myers was born in North Dakota and attended North Dakota State University in Fargo and Moorhead State University and Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, obtaining his B.A. in biology, summa cum laude. Jeffrey then attended the University of North Dakota School of Medicine in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and then obtained his MD from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. He was a member of Alpha Omega Alpha.

He served as a resident in the Department of Pathology at Washington University and did an American Cancer Society Regular Clinical Fellowship in the Division of Surgical pathology at Barnes and Affiliated Hospitals. He then moved to the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a Fellow in the Division of Surgical Pathology, where he also then served as a Fellow in Pulmonary Pathology under the direction of Dr. Anna-Luise A. Katzenstein.

After serving as an Assistant Professor at UAB he moved in 1989 to the Mayo Clinic as a Senior Associate Consultant in Surgical Pathology, then Consultant in Anatomic Pathology and up through the ranks to Professor of Pathology in 1996. He served as Chair of the Section/Division of Surgical Pathology and Chair of the Division of Anatomic Pathology at the Mayo.  During his time at the Mayo he served in general surgical pathology, signing out/consulting on the entire panorama of surgical pathology, and of course, in pulmonary pathology too!  During his time at the Mayo Clinic Dr. Myers served on a great many important committees, and led the campus-wide Mayo efforts in innovation as Chair of the Innovation Work Group.

In January of 2006 Jeffrey moved to the University of Michigan as the A. James French Professor of Diagnostic Pathology.  He also serves on the Executive Committee on Clinical Affairs for the University of Michigan.

Dr. Myers serves on the Editorial Board of multiple journals including: “UpToDate in pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (for the American Thoracic Society), Advances in Anatomic Pathology, Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Human Pathology , and the American Journal of Clinical Pathology.

Dr. Myers is an outstanding pathologist with world-wide recognition as one of the  greatest pulmonary pathologists, educators, and administrators.  He has lectured world-wide and is one of the most requested lecturers on the circuit with over 250 world-wide lecturers/invited presentations/distinguished lectures in the last 20 years!

Dr. Myers has published 120 peer-reviewed papers, and another 20 papers, 14 chapters, and one textbook: “Thurlbeck’s Pathology of the Lung” with Drs. A. Churg, H. Tazelaar, and J. Wright (Editors). He has published over 40 scientific abstracts at the USCAP.  Dr. Myers is also one of the major “shakers and movers” of the Pulmonary Pathology Review/Blog (see Pathology Links:   and scroll down to Other Educational Materials: Pulmonary Pathology Journal Club Blog...)

Jeffrey is a member of the USCAP Council, Chair of the Strategic Planning Task Force on New and Innovative Educational Products, and President of the Association of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology.

Jeffrey Myers and the USCAP:

Dr. Myers has contributed substantially to USCAP and its educational endeavors in the last decade and a half.  He has set the "modern" record for number of years on the USCAP Education Committee (13: first as a member (1995-1999) , then as Coordinator, Short Courses (1999-2003), then as Chairman (2003-2007); it is likely that he has also "set" the USCAP record, ancient and modern, of service on the USCAP Education Committee! He served on the faculty of Diagnostic Pathology for nine years (1995 - 1999 and 2005-2008) and was Co-Director of that summer review/update course from 1996-1998.  Dr. Myers has served as Specialty Conference Moderator (Pulmonary) from 1996-1998, and has served multiple times as a faculty panelist on the Specialty Conferences. He has presented a bevy of Short Courses (the latest in 2001-2005; 2007-2010).  Dr. Myers has served as a faculty member of several Companion Societies (2003, 2005). Importantly because of his extensive, up-close knowledge of Innovation (he served the entire Mayo Clinic in this capacity) he was one of the two Directors of the USCAP's Long Term Strategic Planning Initiatives (Education) starting in 2002-2007.  It is important to note that almost three-fourths of the goals/tactics suggested by this Strategic Planning Committee were executed.  Dr. Myers continues to serve as Break-out Leader and Affinity Exercise Leader (and Innovator) in the second round of Long-Term Strategic Planning Initiative/President's Leadership Conference instituted this summer (08).  Dr. Myers recently came to Augusta/The USCAP Office to head the Affinity Exercise of the Long Term Strategic Planning Initiative and did and incredible job bringing together diverse ideas and thoughts from the members of the Augusta USCAP Staff, Executive Committee members, and others.  No one does this better.  In addition, Dr. Myers has participated greatly/personally in the last three ACCME inspections, to help the USCAP continue to be a bonafide "provider" of AMA PRA Category 1 credit. As noted above, we cannot mention or list all the things that Jeffrey has done for the Academy but just another example is that it was Dr. Myers and Ms. Jo Ann Johnson that first took a trip several years ago to Marathon, Inc (in Minnesota) to look at the possibility of "going paperless" with our submission of electronic scientific abstracts.  It was also Dr. Myers (with Dr. Sylvia Asa) that convinced the Executive Director/EVP of the Academy that it was a good idea, for many reasons, to "go paperless" with our USCAP Companion Societies and our evening Specialty Conferences.

Internationally, Dr. Myers served the IAP Centennial Congress as a leader of the IAP Congress Symposia and Education Committee serving as Co-Chair of the Scientific Subcommittee for the IAP Centennial Congress Organizing Committee. Because of his interest and knowledge in pathology education and innovation, he is now a member of the IAP (overall IAP) Education Committee.  Dr. Jeffrey Myers, in conjunction with his mentor in pulmonary pathology, Anna-Luise A. Katzenstein, will head the 2011/USCAP Centennial Long Course entitled: “Practical Solutions to Common Problems in Pulmonary Pathology”.


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