Richard E. Palmer

Richard E. Palmer


Born: 24 March 1919, Washington, D.C.

Died: 22 June 1986, Alexandria, Virginia

Academic Degrees

  • AB: George Washington University 1944
  • MD: George Washington University Medical School 1944

Academic Positions

  • 1963 Associate Professor then Clinical Professor of Pathology, George Washington University Medical School, Washington, D.C.


  • George Washington University Medical School, Washington, D.C.

Military Service

  • 1946 - 1948 Captain, U.S. Army Medical Corps
  • Director of laboratories at the U.S. Military Hospital, West Point, New York

Selected Career Highlights

  • Served the USCAP as Councillor, and Finance Committee Chair (1957-1974).

  • Received the 7th FK Mostofi Distinguished Service Award of the Academy (1983).

  • Served as President of many societies including: The American Cancer Society (1958-1959); The American Society of Clinical Pathologists (1961-1962); his County and State Medical Society: the Medical Society of Virginia (1964); The Private Practitioners of Pathology Foundation (1966-67; The American Board of Pathology (1979); The American Registry of Pathology (1983).

  • Delegate to the Republican National Convention (1972) serving on the platform committee.

  • Member of many advisory boards in Virginia and Founding Director of the Alexandria Professional Baseball Club, the sponsoring organization of the Carolina League baseball team that is now the Prince William Pirates.

  • Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAHO) (1971-1972; and an unprecedented second term - 1979-1980); JCAHO Commissioner representing the AMA (1966-1974) and Chairman of the JCAHO Standards Committee (1967-1971).

  • President of the American Medical Association (l976-l977). With its 275,000 members, he was instrumental in revitalizing the AMA. The AMA became more active in the legislative and regulatory fronts. It also spoke out against violence on television, and urged major US corporations to pull advertisements from shows that were excessively violent. Also Chairman of the AMA Board of Trustees (1973-1975) and member of the AMA Council on Medical Service (1969).

  • President of the 11th Congress of the IAP and the 2nd World Congress of Academic and Environmental Pathology (1976).

  • Member, Special Medical Advisory Group on the Veterans Administration (1975-1979).

  • Recipient of the Pathologists' Distinguished Service Award from the ASCP and CAP, and the first pathologist to receive the Continuing Medical Education Award presented by the ASCP/CAP.

  • The first pathologist to qualify directly for the AMA's Physician Recognition Award for Continuing Medical Education.

  • Received the American Pathology Foundation Award for meritorious service to pathology (1968).

  • Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer of the Intersociety Committee on Pathology Information.


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