W. G. MacCallum

William George MacCallum


Born: 18 April 1874, Dunnville, Ontario

Died: 3 February 1944, Baltimore, Maryland

Academic Degrees

  • BA: University of Toronto, 1894
  • MD: Johns Hopkins Medical School, 1897

Academic Positions

  • 1898 - 1907 Assistant and Associate Professor of Pathology, Johns Hopkins (under Dr. Welch)
  • 1908 Professor of Pathological Physiology, Johns Hopkins 1909 - 1917 Professor of Pathology, Columbia University
  • 1917 - 1943 Chair of Pathology, Johns Hopkins (when Dr. William Welch stepped down to assume the Directorship of the School of Hygiene and Public Health)

Selected Career Highlights

  • His research covered a wide variety of subjects (173 articles).

  • Made notable contributions related to malaria. As a medical student, made major contributions to the knowledge of malaria (identifying and interpreting the phenomenon of flagellation).

  • Made notable contributions to the function of the parathyroid glands (tetany secondary to hypocalcemia).

  • Traveled extensively and used his trips to broaden his knowledge of pathological anatomy (performing many autopsies and bringing back many specimens for further study).

  • Wrote the definitive Textbook of Pathology (1916).

  • Wrote extensively about history of medicine and a biography of William Stewart Halsted.

  • In 1905 developed practical and innovative courses in pathological physiology at Johns Hopkins.

  • Several lesions named after him including the cardiac "MacCallum placque".

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W. G. MacCallumW. G. MacCallumW. G. MacCallumW. G. MacCallumW. G. MacCallum


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