William Christopherson

William Martin Christopherson


Born: Salt Lake City, Utah

Academic Degrees

  • Undergrad: University of Utah 1834 - 1938
  • MD: University of Louisville, School of Medicine 1942

Academic Positions

  • 1948 - 1949 Associate in Pathology, University of Louisville, School of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1949 - 1950 James Ewing Fellow in Pathology, Memorial Hospital, New York City, New York (under Fred Stewart, Frank Foote, Sophie Spitz, and Arthur Allen)
  • 1950 - 1979 Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, then Professor and Chairman; (1965 - 1974), Department of Pathology, University of Louisville, School of Medicine
  • 1979 Distinguished Professor of Pathology Emeritus


  • City Hospital, Akron, Ohio

Selected Career Highlights

  • 1941/Junior Student in Medical School: Vice President of the Student AMA

  • Considered by himself a general surgical pathologist, he published 200 major works with many on gynecologic pathology. His study of the epidemiology of uterine cervical cancer remains a model. His contributions relating to the cytology and histopathology of cervical neoplasia are distinguished, as are his contributions to endometrial cancer (in which it is said that he had the largest series in the US) and tumors of the liver.

  • President of: the American Association for Cancer Education (1966-1967), the American Society of Cytopathology (1966-1967), and the Arthur Purdy Stout Society of Surgical Pathologists (1981-1983).

  • He has served many roles for the American Cancer Society including National-Director-at Large (1967-1973) and Executive Committee-National (1969-1971), and President of the Kentucky Division of the American Cancer Society (1974-1978).

  • Member of the Panel of Cancer Experts for the WHO, Special Consultant to the American Joint Committee for Cancer Staging.

  • Member of several Editorial Boards and Secretary of the Pathology Section of the American Medical Association, and Vice-Chairman of the American Joint Committee for Cancer.

  • National Editor and Associate Editor of Acta Cytologica (1967-1979) and Associate Editor for the Pathology Update Series.

  • His greatest joy is to be with his students and residents, sharing ideas, sharing experiences, and just sharing life.


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