USCAP Honors

The Harvey Goldman Master Teacher Award
2017Steven H. Swerdlow
2016Linda Ferrell
2015Victor E. Reuter
2014Christopher D.M. Fletcher
2013Sharon K. Weiss
2012Virginia LiVolsi
2011Henry Appelman
2011Donald A. Antonioli

The Harvey Goldman Master Teacher Award was established in 2011 as a tribute to honor a dedicated, longstanding educator and mentor, Dr. Harvey Goldman. This award recognizes Dr. Goldman’s seminal contributions to the USCAP’s postgraduate educational and mentoring activities. The first awardees, Drs. Donald Antonioli and Henry Appleman were acknowledged in 2011 at the 100th Annual Centennial Meeting of USCAP in San Antonio, Texas.

The award is supported by a dedicated fund ($50,000) from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA (Dr. Jeffrey Saffitz, Chair) and by a USCAP fund ($50,000) designated by the Board of Directors. This core fund ($100,000) shall remain untouched, and the interest will generate income to support the plaque and monetary award. The Academy shall administer the endowment, manage the investment of the funds, implement appropriate fund-raising activities and communicate with members of the Award Committee. The associated administrative costs for maintaining the endowment and selecting the award recipients will be the responsibility of the Academy. This will be an annual award presented at the awards program of the USCAP Annual Meeting.

Most-Recent Awardee

Steven H. Swerdlow, M.D.

Dr. Steven Swerdlow recognized his destiny at a young age. A workbook page entitled "My Plans for the Future" drawn in third grade shows him seated looking through a microscope with a pair of glasses and a mouse in a cage at his side! A graduate of Brandeis University and Harvard Medical School, he did his AP/CP training at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, followed by a hematopathology fellowship with R. D. Collins and then a research fellowship at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. After nine years at the University of Cincinnati, he joined the University of Pittsburgh where he is Professor of Pathology and Hematopathology Division Director.

Dr. Swerdlow is an accomplished hematopathologist and dedicated educator. His clinical work has been recognized with inclusion in 'America's Top Doctors' and 'Best Doctors in America'. His investigative efforts have concentrated on B-cell lymphomas (eg, with M. Williams helped establish the genetic basis of mantle cell (centrocytic lymphoma), and to a lesser extent on T/NK-cell neoplasms, cutaneous lymphomas and the post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders. He was involved in developing the WHO-EORTC classification of cutaneous lymphomas, lead editor for the 2008 WHO monograph on Classification of Tumours of Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues and is lead editor for the 2016/2017 revision. He has >200 peer-reviewed publications, and published numerous chapters, a lymph node pathology text, and co-edited a pediatric hematopathology text. These accomplishments have led to many invited lectures around the world and the inaugural Society for Hematopathology (SH) Berard-Dorfman Founders Award for a senior hematopathologist (2015). He is an American Board of Pathology trustee, an ACGME Pathology Review Committee member; and, former USCAP council member, SH President, EAHP Executive Committee member, and Pittsburgh Pathology Society President.

His lectures are known for their educational content, visual interest and entertaining qualities. He has received three resident teaching awards and has provided courses, helped organize slide workshops and provided other educational and special lectures for the USCAP (5 short courses, 2 long courses including one as co-director, and Diagnostic Pathology faculty) and numerous other organizations/institutions. He is grateful to the USCAP for its critical role in promoting his career. Of those from the “old days”, only Carolyn Lane remains, but Jo Ann Johnson, Jim Crimmins, and Fred Silva will never be forgotten.

This award is of particular significance to Dr. Swerdlow because of his personal connection to Dr. Harvey Goldman– admiring him as a teacher in medical school, and as an important mentor during his residency. Although he knows he drove Dr. Goldman crazy since he was unable to keep up a conversation about the Boston Red Sox while signing out together over the summer, he remained a friend until the end. Dr. Goldman, along with Dr. Donald Antonioli, worked with Dr. Swerdlow on his first ‘classification’ project, one related to dead bowels, not lymphomas. Receiving this award would have pleased Dr. Swerdlow's father, an academic pathologist and winner of multiple Golden Apple teaching awards, and is a source of joy for his 92-year-old mother. Finally, he is grateful for the support of his wife Jenny, daughters Debbie (son-in-law Scott and granddaughter Mia) and Naomi. Many years ago, Naomi wrote that "If you don't know what slides are, they have a picture on it and you put one in a thing you turn on the fwockis[sic] and look throw[sic] and see a neat picture" and Debbie that "The job of being a pathologist (a kind of doctor) is quite hard. Like most doctors, they try to cure people". Nothing more needs to be said.


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