Short Course Proposals

The Annual Meeting is highlighted (usually) by 60 short (3 hours) courses that explore contemporary ideas in the panorama of human pathology. The faculty provides current perspectives and modern trends in diagnostic criteria, clinical correlation, and ancillary studies. The target audience is academic and community pathologists and pathologist-in-training. These sessions will influence how you think, how you work, and what you need for improved patient outcomes. Tall ideas are delivered in short packages.

Interactive Microscopy Course Proposal - Annual Meeting

These 1.5 hour courses provide a concise mentoring experience on very specific topics with an experienced mentor interacting with nine learners at multi-head microscope. This is an opportunity to dialogue with an expert about specialized topics that will enhance your interpretative skills at the microscope. If you like the format, come to USCAP's Interactive Learning Center in Palm Springs for an extended, intimate mentoring experience at a resort destination.


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