2015 Annual Meeting

Paleopathology Club

2015 Annual Meeting

Room CC 208, March 22 2015, 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Jennifer Muller, Pedro Fernandez, Enrique Gerszten, Noreen Tuross

Anthropology and Archaeology interfacing with Pathology

Educational Objective

Paleopathology has a close relation with the history of medicine. This symposium focuses on the use of modern techniques available to determine the diseases of the past. The topics were suggested by members of the Paleopathology Club, and they were selected by the Chairmen of the Program. This symposium has been designed for Pathologists to learn about the diseases that were present in the antiquity and to understand the relationship of Anthropology and Archaeology to Pathology. Upon completion of this symposium the participant should be able to understand:

  • The relationship between Anthropology and Pathology.
  • The relationship between Archaeology and Pathology.
  • How the combination of these fields help to understand the diseases that were prevalent in ancient civilizations.

Session Credits: CME = 1.5 / SAMs = N/A


Companion Meeting Moderator
Speaker: Enrique Gerszten, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University-Medical College of Virginia Campus, Richmond, VA
Companion Meeting Moderator
Speaker: Pedro L. Fernandez, MD, PhD, Hospital Clinic and University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Anthropology Interfacing with Pathology
Speaker: Jennifer L. Muller, MD, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
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Archaeology Interfacing with Pathology
Speaker: Noreen Tuross, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
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