2018 Annual Meeting

2018 Annual Meeting Poster Information

iPosters Virtual Poster Program

The USCAP is pleased to offer poster presenters the opportunity to maximize their exposure by including the poster on iPosters™. iPosters™ is a state-of the-art digital poster hall that is made available to all registered meeting attendees and remains available for 12 months after the meeting. Your poster will be included in an online, interactive, fully searchable database. Users of iPosters have the ability to magnify the poster content for detailed viewing as well as the option to contact authors directly (via email) with questions or comments, giving you an additional opportunity to further explain your research. All presenters can participate there is no cost to be part of iPosters™. Simply email your poster file in single page PDF or PPT format to: iPosters@wolterskluwer.com. Please include USCAP and your poster number in the email subject line. You can send your file before, during, or after the meeting. 

Note: If you have ordered a print poster from Call4Posters your file will automatically be included in the USCAP iPosters™ unless you opt out.  

View the 2018 iPosters.

Poster Guidelines

  1. Poster board surface is 48”tall by 72" wide. The poster dimensions should be no greater than 42” X 68”. You are limited to this surface.
  2. A header which includes the Title, Authors, and Affiliations should be mounted at the top of the board.
  3. All presenters are expected to place a disclosure statement at the top of their posters. At the time of presentation, all speakers are expected to disclose to the audience any relevant financial disclosures with any commercial interest. Relevant financial relationships are defined as remuneration paid to you or your spouse/partner in any amount that has occurred within the last 12 months. Examples of disclosure statements are provided below.
    • Nothing To Disclose – The authors of this abstract have indicated that they have no conflicts of interest that relate to the content of this abstract.
    • Something To Disclose – The authors of this abstract have indicated the following conflicts of interest that relate to the content of this abstract: Dr. X is a stockholder with XYZ Company, and Dr. Q is an employee of ABC Company.
  4. All illustrations, charts, graphs, and printed material should be legible from a distance of 3 feet or more. Keep illustrative material simple. Photographs show up better if they are matte finished. Avoid heavy backing material which is difficult to attach to the board.
  5. Pushpins will be provided for mounting posters on the poster board.
  6. If you have any questions on-site regarding posters, please visit the Poster Information Booth #808.


USCAP has partnered with Learner’s Digest International to provide you with the opportunity to create your poster online using the Call4Posters® service. In addition to this, you have the option to have your poster shipped directly to the meeting for on-site pick-up. This optional service is an easy and convenient way for you to prepare your poster for the annual meeting! You are not required to use this poster service; however, we hope you will find it a convenient and simple way to produce a professional poster at a reasonable price.


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