2018 Annual Meeting

Generation U Party

Get Jazzed at the Annual Meeting!

Tuesday, March 20, 2017
6:00 - 7:30 PM


Vancouver Convention Center Foyer and West Ballroom D,
immediately following the Maude Abbott Legacy and USCAP Honors.


You’ve seen what the Academy has accomplished in the past year, learned about mentoring and engagement, witnessed meritorious colleagues receiving USCAP honors, said goodbye to members who passed, and learned about the Pathologist and Individualized Cancer Therapy from the perspective of the Maude Abbott lecturer, the esteemed Dr. Stanley R. Hamilton, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Now it’s time to party! U are the NOW and the NEXT generation, hip, vibrant, electric, inventive, passionate, absorbing knowledge, making connections, building futures. It’s the perfect time to be in Vancouver, the best time in your life to be at USCAP, and a privilege to be a pathologist. Discover something new within yourself. Find the best in someone else. Make a friend. Revel in the passion.


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