2018 Annual Meeting

USCAP Annual Meeting Safety & Security

While attending USCAP's Annual Meeting, the Academy wants all of its attendees, faculty and employees to be safe. We advise that you should always exercise discretion, avoid being alone in unfamiliar places, and take decisive action to keep yourself safe. The guidelines below are to help assist you if you have questions.

Security at the Vancouver Convention Centre

Security can be reached 24 hours a day via Guest Services from any house phone
by dialing 7299 (or 7500 for emergencies).
Security can be reached from an outside line or cell phone by dialing 604-647-7299.

Medical Emergencies

Dial 7500 on a house phone or 604-647-7500.

Inappropriate Conduct

If you feel threatened you should immediately call for help - either from a USCAP staff member or from hotel/convention center security.

If an annual meeting attendee (board/committee member, faculty or learner) or staff member acts inappropriately such behavior should be reported immediately to a USCAP department head or to the EVP of USCAP, which you can do by emailing alertUSCAP@uscap.org. USCAP has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment or other forms of harassment.

Criminal Conduct

If an attendee witnesses any form of criminal conduct, they should seek safety first and contact the police or a security team.


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