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USCAP Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathologists. The three pillars of our Foundation are:

  • Innovating Education for Pathologists
  • Fostering the Next Generation of Pathologists
  • Promoting Global Health


A Continuum of Giving

Funds raised by the Foundation are used for diverse initiatives from supporting pathology education in underserved countries to advancing diagnostic interpretative excellence by applying technology and contemporary learning modalities.

The Foundation is grateful for gifts at any level. We are gratified that so many of our members have entrusted us with their donations. Please consider a gift to one of the programs to help us build a better pathology community. Charitable contributions to the Foundation have unlimited impact and may be designated to the general fund where unrestricted flexibility allows your dollars to have impact in areas of greatest need.

The Programs

  • USCAP’s Interactive Learning Center

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The principal focus of fundraising is this unique interactive learning center in Palm Springs, California, for teaching interactive microscopy, ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsies and new methodologies, with a planned broadcast studio and conference theater poised to deliver high content programs to low-resource countries. Donors will be recognized according to tiered values by plaques on a donor recognition wall.

  • Global Partners Campaign

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USCAP Foundation promotes improved global health as it invests in under-resourced countries through research and travel grants. Last year USCAP Foundation invited 20 pathologists from around the world to participate in our Annual Meeting. 

  • Pathologists-In-Training Travel Scholarships

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Twenty trainees will attend the 2018 Annual Meeting in Vancouver with the benefit of a $1000 grant to offset travel costs.

USCAP Foundation delivers real-results to pathologists locally and globally. Your academy is working all year long to improve education, opportunity and global outcomes in the field of pathology. Please consider Sustaining Your Academy today.

USCAP Foundation

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